Financial Statements

As Reported Financials

Document Name As Of Date Currency Code (in thousands) 2020 Q2 YTD 10-Q 6/30/2020 USD 2019 Y 10-Q 12/31/2019 USD 2018 Y 10-K 12/31/2018 USD 2017 Y 10-K 12/31/2017 USD 2016 Y 10-K 12/31/2016 USD
Document Name As Of Date Currency Code 2020 Q2 YTD 10-Q 6/30/2020 USD 2019 Y 10-Q 6/30/2020 USD 2018 Y 10-K 12/31/2019 USD 2017 Y 10-K 12/31/2018 USD 2016 Y 10-K 12/31/2017 USD



Fixed maturities held-to-maturity, at amortized cost
Fixed maturities available-for-sale, at estimated fair value
Equity securities, at estimated fair value
Trading securities
Receivable for securities sold NA
Mortgage loans on real estate, at cost
Investment real estate, at book value
Policy loans
Company owned life insurance
Other invested assets
Total Investments
Cash and cash equivalents
Accrued investment income
Policy receivables and agents' balances, net
Reinsurance recoverable
Deferred policy acquisition costs
Property and equipment, net
Deferred income tax asset, net NA NA
Income tax recoverable
Other assets
Total Assets


Property and casualty benefit and loss reserves
Accident and health benefit and loss reserves
Life and annuity benefit and loss reserves
Unearned premiums
Policy and contract claims
Other policyholder funds
Short-term notes payable and current portion of long-term debt
Long-term debt
Accrued income taxes NA NA
Deferred income tax liability NA NA
Other liabilities
Total Liabilities

Shareholders' equity

Common stock
Additional paid-in capital
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Retained earnings
Treasury stock, at cost NA NA
Total Shareholders' Equity
Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity
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